Growing tree, growing me


About the Project: Inspired by the intersection of nature with the digital, this is an interactive project that is reflective of my personal growth through a fractal tree. The fractal tree was created in Processing and uses Perlin noise to create a lively, breathing effect. The tree starts small and slowly grows over time until it is fully blossomed. In total, the tree takes about six minutes to grow, forcing the user to watch it grow in real time through patience. However, if the user clicks the tree, they hinder its growth. It is only after a certain amount of time that the tree can start slowly growing again. Once fully grown, it blooms white flowers that represent purity and innocence.

The tree represents my personal growth, how toxic relationships hinder growth, and how freedom from toxic relationships allow one to "fully bloom". The final piece was created for Microsoft Surface Tablet, as a tablet allows for intimate user interaction with this “self-portrait” through the touch of a finger.

View code on Github.

Growth stages of tree over time from youth to full bloom.
Growth stages of tree over time from youth to full bloom.
Growing Tree, Growing Me in action.